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About Us

Leandra Ramm is the President of the Alliance Against Cybercrime. Leandra is a classically trained musician, opera singer and actress. She is also a survivor of arguably the most brutal international cyberstalker in history. After six years of gruesome and obscene threats, Leandra's stalker now sits in a Singaporean jail for three years in the wake of a landmark international cyberstalking prosecution—the first EVER of its kind. She has authored a book on her ordeal, "Stalking A Diva" which is a treatise on the need for reform in cyberstalking laws and treaties Today, Leandra is determined to fight for new and stricter criminal laws and treaties, so that cyberstalkers like hers stop once and for all.

Lisa Della Rocca, Vice President and General Counsel of the Alliance is a privacy attorney who, after learning of Leanra Ramm's incredible story was inspired to co-write "Stalking a Diva" with Ramm, under the pen name "D. Rocca." Della Rocca hosts a blog, cybersquawk.com, where she discusses topics du jour involving technology and law

Matthew Miller, Is Vice President of Operations, and a Contracted AROTC Cadet at Norwich University. He is a Computer Security and Information Assurance undergraduate student with concentrations in Advanced Information Assurance, and Digital Forensics. Works and studies in many cyber fields:  cyberlaw, cybercrime, cyberpolitics, Information Operations, and Information Warfare.

A.J. Fardella, Secretary of the Alliance is a digital forensics examiner and expert in international cyberstalking. Retained by Leandra Ramm after law enforcement ignored her please, Fardella not only gathered and submitted the evidence, but effectuated cooperation among the FBI, U.S. Secret Service and Singapore Police Force , resulting in the first successful international cyberstalking prosecution. A.J. fervently believes that the fight against cybercrime is in dire need of "three T's—tools, training and treaties."

Lisa Della Rocca, A.J. Fardella and Leandra Ramm